Terms and conditions

* The following is an outline of what Welcome to Cuba (WTC) agrees to provide when you register for one of our Tours. This document also outlines what you agree to do in exchange. All information provided in this (Tour Terms & Conditions) document is to be deemed very important and you should read it thoroughly before you sign up for one of our trips. The following Terms and Conditions between you and Welcome to Cuba Inc. (WTC) govern the relationship between you and (WTC). Once you enroll in one of our Tours you are agreeing to be bound by them.

The moment you make a deposit we guarantee our land tour prices not to change regardless of any changes on our costs for any reason. We do not include the airfare on our tours and as such we do not control the rates which are subject to change. Once you pay the full balance we reserve the airfare on your behalf and if there are any changes we may adjust the cost of the airfare accordingly.

All Itineraries as considered Sample Itineraries until confirmed. They are subject to change considering that Cuba is a flexible destination. On our tours we do our very best to take advantage of any sightseeing opportunities that may appear but occasionally a listed restaurant may be closed or too full. A museum may be under repair or closed for the specific day and in these rare cases we will do our very best to accommodate replacement options. At no time any such occurrence is to be considered grounds for a refund or discount.

Payment for your Tour: In order to reserve and confirm a tour with (WTC) you will have to agree with our Tour Conditions. With your reservation you will have to provide us with a deposit in the amount of $400.00/ Per passenger. Forms of Payment: We accept all major credit cards, checks, wire transfers, money orders, cash and in some rare cases even food. Payments Due: Although you can make payments towards your tour All final payments are due 60 days prior the departure date of your tour. The Final payment date will be on your invoice. If you fail to make the final payment within the required you may be removed from our tour. When you sign up for a tour within the 60 departure window you must make the full payment when making the reservation. ALL Deposits are Non-refundable.

Single Supplements and Individual travelers: When traveling on your own you will have the option to room with another member of the tour of the same sex. This is an option that will prevent you from paying the Single Supplement Rate. If you choose to room on your own you will be charged the Single Supplement Fee. Limited Rooms are available for this option. Make sure to check our tours individually for the Single supplement fees as they vary from tour to tour. If a Single room option is not available when we book your trip you will have the option to cancel your reservation for a full refund. Remember that Single Supplement Rooms are the same as regular rooms and in no way it implies that you will receive a better quality room

Payments Returned: An additional $25.00 returned-payment fee will be assessed on any payments that are returned to (WTC) for any reason. This fee will be added to your tour price and must be paid in full prior departure on your tour.

Tour changes: If you change your plans and decide to change your departure date or change for a different tour 60 days prior your departure we will honor your deposit towards that new date and apply any additional payments you have already made towards that new tour. If there is any difference in price on your favor we will refund you the difference. If the amount is higher you will pay for the difference 60 days prior departure. If you decide to change your tour once you are within the 60 departure period there may be an additional fee of $200 added to your tour for last minute changes provided the changes are possible. If the change is not possible you will be notified for additional options.

Refunds & Cancellations: Your deposits are fully refundable for up to 30 days from the date you book your tour with (WTC). After the 30 days any deposit provided will be forfeited in the event you decide to cancel the reservation. All deposits made for departures within 60 days are considered nonrefundable from the moment you make the deposit. All Cancellation requests are to be in writing and must be sent via email to reservations@welcometocuba.net or mailed to the address provided at the bottom of the page. All Cancellations are effective the date we receive them.

(WTC) reserves the right to cancel a tour prior departure and during a tour while in progress to take action as needed on a group or individual basis if (WTC) feels the safety, health and well-being of our travelers requires such action. Due to low enrollment or other unforeseen circumstances (WTC) may cancel or revise the dates of the tour. If (WTC) cancels a tour you have reserved, the complete amount you have paid will be refunded to you within 15 days after the cancellation of the tour. As an option you will have an opportunity to be transferred to a different tour that may or may not be available for the exact dates you have reserved and intended to travel in. In this case you will reserve the option to decide how you want to proceed. (WTC) will not be responsible for any additional costs incurred with this change including cancellation of airline tickets or any other travel reservations that you may have made outside (WTC).

Risks & your Safety: In occurrences that may be out of our control such as a natural disasters, Terrorism, accidents, etc we will make substantial efforts to accommodate our travelers in order to insure their safety. You the traveler agree to assume all responsibility for your own safety and by no means you are to assume we can guarantee your safety at any time. Tour Forms: You are responsible for completing all forms required to travel to Cuba under the regulations from OFAC. All documentation must be kept by you for up to 5 years of the travel date as it is required. (WTC) will provide you with a complete set of copies but will not be responsible to make sure you keep these records.

Your participation: A (WTC) tour is intended to be a great way to travel together in small and friendly groups. From time to time someone participating in a tour may not behave or act responsibly and may not be compatible with the comfort and safety parameters we have establish for our tours. (WTC) reserves the exclusive right at our discretion to reject and cancel any one’s tour at any time and by agreeing to our Terms and Conditions you forfeit any rights to complaint and claims against us. These are extreme cases that will require extreme resolution for the safety of our groups and tour guides.

Photography: Our company reserves the right to photograph or videotape parts of our Tour operations to be used for promotional materials. When you sign up for one of our tours you agree to allow us to use the images that may include you to be used for such purpose. If you do not want to be used you will need to inform our photographer or company employee prior to departure on the trip. Your expectations and obligations: Do to the nature of our tours you will have very active days with plenty of walking, stair climbing, humidity, heat and not enough AC comfort, Slow water in the showers, etc. Cuba is not use to the standards that we as Americans are accustomed. Expect a 4 Star hotel to be more of a 3-3.5 Star hotel. Most of our hotels are well located within reach of most important points of interest but may lack some of the amenities American’s are accustomed to. When you sign up for one of our tours you are signing up for a physically demanding Tour and you will assume some responsibilities that include the following:

You will have to carry your luggage most of the time to and from the airport. You may also need to bring it up to your room as well. Keep in mind that elevators do not always work at these hotels. Welcome to Cuba.

You will need to comfortable walking for up to 2 hours at a time for our walking tours. There may be plenty of stairs to climb during these tours and plenty of standing while at museums and sites you will visit.

While all rooms have Air Conditioning they units may not be adequate to handle the excessive humidity and heat at times so expect for the cooling not to be the greatest. Noise levels at hotels may be an issue at times. There is construction and constant lively music around the city specially in Havana

Our guides, drivers and tour leaders are not responsible for providing assistance for any of these activities. If you will require assistance make sure to bring an able tour buddy who can assist you during your trip.

Your Luggage (Pack Light): The best way to Travel to Cuba is to bring only a carry-on-size luggage. While it is not a requirement we do suggest that you stick to the one piece in order to facilitate your movement through customs and in and out of Cuba. Most airlines allow a carry on to be (approximately 21” x 14” x 9”) in addition to a carry on item. We will confirm this information on an individual basis once we have the confirmed flight reserved with the airline but we strongly suggest that you double check this information once we provide you with the airfare confirmation.

No Smoking policy: Our smoking policy is simple; No smoking cigarettes or vaporizers is allows on any portion of our tour. If you want to go out for a smoke while on your own you can do so but not while you are on the bus or with the group in presence of the tour members.

Under age Children: If you are 18 you will have to room with and be accompanied by at least one parent. When traveling to Cuba and only with one parent present you will need to provide a signed affidavit certifying the other parent allows you to travel. If other parent is not living or reachable a self certification by the living parent is acceptable. Please bring this up to our Tour Specialist once you make the reservation. The participating parent must attend all activities on the tour with the under age child.

Welcome to Cuba Inc. is a registered Seller of Travel in the State of Florida. (FL. Seller of Travel Ref No. ST40458)