About your flight

Flight Schedules are subject to changes without advance notice in some cases and this is beyond our control and at the discretion of the airlines. For this reason we include a night in Miami prior your departure flight. We suggest that you reserve one night on your return date as well. This will help you avoid the possibility of incurring additional and costly change fees for your domestic flight in the event that there is a delay on one of our flights. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions.

We strongly suggest that you wait to receive our flight confirmation before booking your domestic flights unless you do have a night reserved for Miami. If you book a flight without taking possible changes you are doing so as your own risk. WTC is not responsible for costs resulting from changes in airline Schedules. This includes and is not limited to : cancellation penalties incurred for the tickets, domestic and international when not issued by WTC. Under no circumstances will WTC be liable for incidental or consequential damages arising from such an event. Be sure to read our Terms & Conditions section for additional detailed information.  Be sure to reconfirm all your flights 72 hours prior departure. Please contact our Toll-Free number if you have any questions.